Monday, December 21, 2015

Baby Blessings and Struggles 2015

On January 1, 2015, we found out that, after 12 years, we were expecting a baby! Through trisomy testing, we found out on Feb. 23 that it was a girl. The entire pregnancy was perfectly normal with no surprises. On August 17, 2015, we welcomed our sweet baby girl into the world. Though she came via c-section due to prior cesarean delivery, she arrived perfectly healthy, weighing 7 lbs 15 oz.

While I did not even think about breastfeeding my first child when he was born 12 years ago, I had said many times in the years between that if I ever had another child, that's exactly what I would do if I could. While in the hospital with our beautiful jewel, Ruby Belle, I had trouble getting her to eat. She just seemed too sleepy to latch on and stay latched on good. My husband watched me struggle hour after hour trying to get her to eat. She would just barely latch and gently suck enough to put herself to sleep and, if I woke her up, she would just get mad and scream. I talked to the nurses about it and they said what I was describing was normal. One even said if she was hungry, she would latch on. I asked for a lactation consultant and was told that she would be there in two days. By the time she got there, I thought we were doing better and told her so. However, when we were getting ready to be released on the third day, the nursery tech started fussing at me saying that Ruby was hungry and that she had lost weight. I had just told my husband that morning that she looked smaller to me. I was terrified that they weren't going to let me take her home. Finally, the nursery nurse on duty that day came and helped me get her latched on. She ate good for the first time since she was born. They did let us go ahead and go home with strict orders to take her to her pediatrician the next day. She weighed 7 lb 3 oz. The next day, at the Dr office she had lost another 2 oz. I explained to the Dr my concerns and told her that I really thought we had it under control now since I had finally gotten some lactation help from the nursery nurse. She requested a follow up weight check for the next day. Ruby had lost another oz. Although the Dr recommended that I supplement with formula, I was determined that wasn't what she needed. That was on a Friday and she wanted to see Ruby back on Monday. If she was still continuing to lose, she wanted to do electrolyte testing. My maternal instinct said that she was fine, that the drugs in my and her system from surgery as well as poor latching were the problem in the beginning and we were over that hump. Well meaning people advised that I follow the Dr's advice and supplement or even trick her into starting to suck with a pacifier then switching her to the breast but I didn't want to do any of those things. I wanted to give our bodies a chance to fall into the natural rythm for which they were created. I hung in there all weekend and when we went to the Dr on Monday, Ruby had gained 3 oz! Dr asked if I supplemented and I told her no, she didn't need it. I was very proud of myself and in awe of this beautiful, natural process of continuing to nourish my baby through my own body though she was now outside of my womb!

Fast forward to December 4, 2015... Ruby is almost 4 months old, is still nursing, growing and has even started eating some baby cereal in addition to breastmilk. I felt really bad all day, achy all over and just kept getting worse. My left breast had been hurting for a few days and hubby had mentioned mastitis. I thought I may be getting ready to start my cycle but I looked up symptoms of mastitis just so I would know what I needed to be aware of. I finally felt so bad late that afternoon that I checked my temp and was running a fever. As it was a Friday, I called my ob/gyn and described my symptoms. He sent in an antibiotic prescription for me and hubby picked it up. I started feeling better the next day but I made sure to take the full 10 day course of meds. Just a few days after I finished, though, I felt it coming on again. Only this time, I could feel clogged milk ducts. Being a natural researcher, I found out everything I could about clogged milk ducts and home remedies for them. I applied warm compresses, lavender oil, vicks vapor rub, I massaged the breast from above the clog down towards the nipple, I took hot showers and let the water massage the breast, I nursed on that side first every time, and I pumped after every feeding to make sure my breasts were emptying. Again, hubby is watching me struggle hour after hour, day after day, and, in his concern, he starts telling me maybe I should give up breastfeeding. I told him that goes against everything I have read. I have to keep feeding/pumping or this clog will abscess and may require surgery. So, I stayed the course, and last night, while nursing our beautiful jewel at my unclogged breast, I looked at him with tears in my eyes and I said, "As difficult as it has been, breastfeeding has got to be the most satisfying thing a woman could ever do". There is no job, no amount of money, fame, or recognition that could make me feel any more amazing than I feel when I look at our growing baby girl, knowing that my body has provided for her every need. Just as with childbirth, the joy makes the pain worth bearing. 

Along with the breastfeeding struggles, we have also FINALLY overcome a round of colic. Trust me when I say this sweet little baby girl can turn into a wildcat in a split second! We are very happy that seems to be over! It's been a difficult season but we are looking forward to the next with anticipation of watching our beautiful jewel become who she was created to be. As tired as I am, grateful can not even begin to describe how I feel for the year we have had. Thank You, Lord, for Your blessings on me!


Thursday, June 11, 2015

God's Time is Not Our Time

God's time is not our time. Maybe God has given you a vision for ministry and you are absolutely certain of His call on your life. Just because He has told you that you're going to do something, that doesn't mean you're ready to do it right away. God told me when I was 13 years old that my future husband and I would serve in ministry together. Very soon after my husband was saved 7 years ago, he felt a call on his life and we thought it was time to begin. We spent money we didn't have, went to places that God didn't tell us to go, and got so discouraged and beaten down that we gave up. We rushed ahead of God's time and suffered the consequences, even to the point of almost losing our marriage! Knowing that I had heard from God, I couldn't help but wonder what we had done wrong. Seeking His heart for our lives, I believe He has shown me two perfect examples in His Word. First, I think of Joseph, to whom God gave the dreams of his brothers bowing down to him. He then spent many years in servitude himself before God finally used him to save his brothers, the twelve tribes of Israel, including the tribe of Judah, out of which Jesus was born! Oh, but then I think of Jesus! He came to this earth knowing for what purpose He was here. But, His ministry didn't begin until he was around 30 years old. He didn't spend His time wondering why God didn't get the show on the road already or trying to rush ahead of His Father's timing. The Bible says in Luke 2:52, "Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." If you feel that God has called you to a certain ministry or position and things just don't seem to be coming together, maybe you're in a growing season, a season of preparation. Don't begrudge this season. Look to Jesus as your example. Embrace the time that God has given you to grow in wisdom and favor! I know I am! Awaiting Him, Annie <3

Saturday, June 28, 2014

I believe.. help thou my unbelief

Yesterday, on June 27, 2014 I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I was prescribed medicine to treat the symptoms and was advised to find a counselor. I have been fighting this diagnosis all my life and, although I feel that I should be strong enough to overcome this, I also know that I have plenty to be depressed about. Last year, I started working hard toward recovery from the sexual abuse I was subjected to as a child. I learned much about myself but, while in the midst of that emotional stress, my father died on June 8, 2013. Although we did not have a good relationship and I didn't even know him as daddy until I was 13 years old, his death affected me more deeply than I ever expected. Shortly thereafter at the end of July, my 10 year old  son who I had homeschooled and who had been by my side since his birth, started public school in order to be able to pursue his dreams of NFL football. Not knowing what to do with myself without his daily presence, I enrolled myself in online college pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I also started a new healthy lifestyle plan which included a strict low carb diet that allowed me to lose 40 pounds and gave me the energy to start a home exercise program. I was feeling better physically than I ever had. Unfortunately, all the stress of the year combined with financial difficulties led to some very serious marital issues which lasted all fall and winter. Finally, just when I thought I was getting myself together, my sister was murdered by her children's daddy, then he killed himself, leaving my niece and nephew orphaned on April 2, 2014. My husband approached me to do what we could for the kids and the court awarded the guardianship of the two of them to us on April 23, 2014. At the time, I was working at a job I loved and I continued working as long as possible. However, after school let out for the summer, I realized very quickly that dependable and affordable child care for 3 children was not going to be accessible and it seemed that our family would benefit more from my being at home to care for the children and be available when my husband needed assistance with his business. As much as I love my husband and all three of our children and feel very blessed to be able to stay home and take care of them, I struggle with not "going to work". It has been a huge adjustment for all of us. I know that God has a plan and a purpose for me and my family. I know that I am called according to His purpose. I know that He will provide exceeding abundantly more than I can ever ask or imagine. I also know that, like the man in Mark 9:17-27, my faith does not come from within. As much as I believe, I know my faith can be stronger but it is Christ alone who can give that increase. Please don't tell me to not be sad... please don't tell me to think on those things that are pure and lovely and of a good report... please don't ask me if I have unconfessed sin in my life... please don't tell me to consider it all joy... please don't tell me to just have faith... please don't ask me what's wrong or what's bothering me. Please don't judge me, I promise I'm beating myself up enough for both of us. Please don't tell me to count my blessings... I'm fully aware that I have MUCH to be thankful for but when I'm hurting so bad inside and out that it's all I can do to make myself get out of bed and it's all I can do to keep the tears from overflowing every second of every day, knowing that I shouldn't be feeling this way makes it hurt even worse. Please don't tell me to study more, pray more, do more, be more... I'm truly doing and being all I possibly can right now. Jesus alone can and will restore unto me the joy of my salvation when His good and perfect will is completed in this season of my life.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Journey to More Than A Conqueror Pt. 1

I was born to a 14 year old girl who didn't know how to take care of herself, much less me and my younger brother. We were removed from her care and placed in state custody shortly after he was born. While in state custody, we lived primarily with different family members but also in two foster homes, one of which helped to build the foundation of my faith, the other tried to destroy it. 

We lived the longest with our grandmother, our mother's mother. Mamaw, as we called her, was really not able to care for children, either. She still liked to drink and dance and have men over while her boyfriend was at work. I remember one time, when I was about 6 years old, she told us to sit on the couch and she would be right back. It seemed like it was forever and we were getting hungry so I went to find her. I looked up the stairs and I saw a neighbor man on top of her and she was yelling. I thought he was killing her. I ran and got my brother and we took off running down the road to the neighbor's house to try and get some help. I don't remember much about what happened after that except my mamaw was okay when we got back and my Paw Gary, her boyfriend, sure was mad when he got home. 

Mamaw also had her mentally handicapped brother living with her. She took care of him and was the overseer for his disability check. He was a big, strong man and he had a bad temper. I remember one time, he got mad about something and he hit the door facing with his bare hand and split the door facing in half! He cooked for us alot and he started teaching me how to cook simple things. He also started teaching me other things. When I was standing at the stove one time and no one else was home, he came up behind me and held me where I couldn't get away. He ground himself on me for a few minutes, breathing really hard. Then, he suddenly got quiet and said "Don't tell anyone." This became pretty much a weekly activity and not just when no one was home. He would catch me in the bathroom with the door open and would come in and shut the door behind him, pushing me against the bathroom sink. He would do his deed and would tell me not to tell anyone, then leave. 

I also remember when we were living with Mamaw, I was 7-8 years old and my mom was staying there with us for a while. She brought a guy home from work one night who said he didn't have anywhere else to go. He was sleeping on the couch in the living room. My bedroom was right beside the living room. I woke up when he lit a cigarette and coughed. I went back to sleep only to wake up a little bit later with him by my bed. His head was laying on my stomach. I didn't know what was going on. I raised up and hugged him and he went back in the living room. A few minutes later, he brought me a bag of change and told me good night and he loved me. When I woke up the next morning, every one was very upset. Come to find out, he had tried to get in the bed with my mom, then my aunt, before he came to my bed. I realized that my panties were pulled down to my knees but still didn't know why. I know he didn't actually rape me but there was a hickey on my arm. He was gone. Apparently, he had taken off before everyone else got up. My Paw Gary went to try and find him but never did. 

Also, around this same time of my life, I remember we were able to have an overnight visit with our mom. I don't know who her boyfriend was at the time but I remember him tucking me in and I don't remember what he did but I remember feeling very strange about it. Then, my mom stuck her head in the door to tell me good night and I remember him acting really nervous. 

My heart aches for so many children living with the reality of abuse every day. I am sickened that I can not read the newspaper or watch the news without hearing of another baby who has been subjected to the evil lusts of other human beings. I have learned that the cycle of abuse is perpetuated by silence and I have determined to no longer be afraid but use my voice to speak out against crimes against children and call out the predators who call themselves "men"!  I am so thankful the Lord chose to break the chains with me! 


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Worth In God

After being abused as a child, I never thought I was worth much. I never felt like I deserved to be, do, or have anything good in my life. BUT GOD....

He changed me! He's still working on me but He's allowing me to look at myself, not as a product of my surroundings or circumstances, but as His precious creation. Like a piece of clay in the Potter's hands, I'm being molded into a masterpiece. I am so thankful that He didn't give up on me and throw this ole lump of clay in the fire so many years ago when I was being difficult and resistant to His patient shaping!

I have recently chosen to turn away from my habits of laziness and bad food choices and have adopted a healthy lifestyle for myself because I AM WORTH IT! I deserve good health and I need to be healthy in order to be able to pursue the opportunities that God has for me to serve Him.

I have also recently decided to pursue my first degree, a Bachelor's in Psychology because I AM WORTH IT! I deserve to have a good education and a good career and I need this education in order to be better able to help others.

I have known for quite some time that God wanted to use my life to help people but I wasn't ready. Not feeling worthy to be used by Him, I couldn't see how I could make a difference. I am ready now and I AM WORTH IT! I am ready to see others blessed by what God has done and continues to do through me. I truly don't deserve His mercy but He has made me WORTH IT!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 2013 Prayer Requests/Praise Reports

Lord Jesus, we dedicate this prayer blog to You. We come boldly to Your throne, bringing all these requests before You, knowing that You are all knowing, all wise, and all powerful! We pray that You will let nothing stand in the way of You meeting each of these needs that we lift up before You. We pray that lost souls will be saved, sick people will be healed, broken hearts mended, relationships restored, and prodigal sons brought back home. We pray spiritual, physical, and even material blessings will be rained down upon each of these people who trust us to pray for their needs! We are so grateful and thankful and humbled that You would choose to love us, save us, and use us for the upbuilding of Your kingdom. If anything is hindering our prayers, we pray that You will get it out of the way right now in the ALMIGHTY NAME OF JESUS, AMEN!!!!

August 1 Prayer Requests/Praise Reports

Corey Sharp Unspoken please
Tamara Allen Santiago unspoken plz
Michelle Owen unspoken please
Tony Dingus Still pray for mom and my cousin's funeral is tonight, pray for the family.
Pam Heal A friends sister is in ICU with a stroke. Please pray for her whole family
Christopher Phillips Glen Brumit family
Tammy Michelle Chittenden Cousin Steve Hammonds in Nashville hospital with MRSA & complications from brain surgery, grandmother jewel chittenden in Paducah hospital with heart attack, uncle Ronnie chittenden in Arkansas hospital to undergo open heart surgery tomorrow morning, unspoken for dear friend and her family, mother Carolyn chittenden with high blood pressure...I'll be back if I remember more...
Tina Nash i got a praise report i am at home on Florida for a few days
Michael Heltsley Remember all the lost.pray that they will make it right with the lord before the rapture comes
Pam Thompson Unspoken
Cassie Hewgley Remember me please
Pam Heal Pray for me. Personal and physical problems
Debbie Jarman West unspoken please
Phil Baker Please pray for a good friend that got bad news today at the doctor.
Charlyn Janak Leyhe Please keep my boyfriend in your prayers so that they can figure what's going on with him. Also, for my daughter and her job opportunity!

August 2 Prayer Requests/Praise Reports

Joyce Appling Hinton The Ken Smith family. He passed today!!!!
Shannon Walker Remember me and my family. Also my church family. Thank You!!
Tony Dingus Still remember mom
Debbie Leaver Timberlake unspoken
Tamara Allen Santiago unspoken plz
Christy Escue Brooks Unspoken!!.
Pam Heal Me and my sister, and my friends sister pls
Debbie Jarman West unspoken please
Nancy Williams Lewis Healing for the two bad infections in my left sinuses and for me to stay positive in all aspects of my life. Satan has been on my coat tails for the last month or so. Thank you. I am anxious to hear about Dusty's first day at school.
Pam Thompson Unspoken
Tina Nash i got a praise report i dont have cervical cancer, it's only an infection
Michelle Owen unspoken

August 3 Prayer Requests/Praise Reports

Pam Thompson Urgent unspoken
Tamara Allen Santiago unspoken plz
Gene Bagby Sis Bagby, Bro Thurston Canler, all the church services Sunday
Elizabeth Annie Thomas Bro. Gene Bagby, remember Mrs. Parrish, too... She hasn't felt too great all week and I was hoping she would feel better by today but I believe she's worse. As of right now, we won't make it to church tomorrow 
Elizabeth Annie Thomas Praise for lots of great things going on in our lives right now!!! I'm so grateful and humbled that God has chosen to love us, save us, and use us! His blessings and favor never cease to amaze me!!!!
Eric Wheat Getting a divorce after 21 years. Need many prayers.
Corey Sharp Unspoken please
Tony Dingus Still keep mom in your prayer.
Tina Nash that everything keeps going good for me and my family
Debbie Jarman West unspoken please
Susan McPhaill Brown Revival
Charlyn Janak Leyhe Continued prayers for my boyfriend and daughter, also a co- workers dad who broke his arm in 2 places

August 4 Prayer Requests/Praise Reports

Sarah Kay Brooks Shaw Please add my brother Pat to your prayer list. He is back in Owensboro Hospital with his heart and he is not doing well.
Michael Brindley I would ask that everyone still continue to pray for my Dad he has infection in his bone and has been very sick through the night. Thanks and God bless!!

Susan Fuller  Prayers for my family as we lay my dads sister to rest today. She was a wonderful loving mother, wife, sister, grandmother, and aunt. We all love you Aunt Sue. You will be missed.
JoAnn Miller Please keep Little John's team mates in your prayers, 2 were involved in an accident , along with a mom of 3 of the players, on their way home from tournament, yesterday
Circuit Rider Please, pray for my little wife she's hurting really bad today & having a hard time. Thank you to those that will pray and believe that God will
Debbie McMurtry Pray for everyone cause everyone needs a little bit of God in their lives love you girly
Tamara Allen Santiago unspoken plz
Tony Dingus Mom and unspoken
Corey Sharp Unspoken please
Evangelist Craig Edelmann Yes my children
Terri L Metheny i need prayer everyday and so does everyone else  so pray for us all god knows what we need so all ya got to do is pray  thanks
Kathy A Cannon unspoken
Tina Nash that everything goes ok tomorrow
Erica Miller Unspoken plz and I'm so blessed for my family and love them very much..
Debbie Jarman West unspoken please
Edna Henderson Asking for Prayer's for my mother. She goes to the doctor Tuesday if we can't get her in earlier than that. A lot of discomfort really can't go into detail but The Lord knows. Her name Tyldesley Buchanan, most call her Mrs. Till. When you pray please lift her up in prayer, thank you.
Betty Snyder unspoken please..

Our personal prayer requests: our mothers, our children, grandbaby on the way, Joe Ray and family, our brothers and sisters and their families, all Dusty's friends and their families, praise the Lord for Bucky's guitar learning coming along, Amy Jo, Tosha and her family, Glenn Brumit family, Dusty school, Annie school, our work and ministry, our finances, all those struggling with addictions, Mrs. P, Ms. M and Brenda, our neighbors, Dusty's livestock

August 5, 2013 Prayer Requests/Praise Reports
Shyla Maire Stratton pray if im induced today birth goes well please
Prayers for this event to touch hearts and change lives: Breaking the Chains, Finding Freedom Webinar
Corey Sharp Unspoken please
Edna Henderson Please keep my mom, Mrs Till lifted up in prayer. She is in Greenveiw hospital .. She has urinary track infection and other issue's The Lord knows all about it. Thank you
Pam Thompson Unspoken
Tony Dingus I want to thank everyone for their prayers. Mom is doing good now, gained 5lbs and I thank God for that .
Teresa Johnson The same Elizabeth! Thanks..
Debbie Jarman West unspoken please
Tina Nash Chrissy my friend is in the hospital she has Addison's disease had she had a flair up with it
Amanda M Fuqua Yes, please! Brian coursey and his daughter Lexi (5) were in a car wreck this afternoon. I don't have all the details but major injuries.

August 6 Prayer Requests/Praise Reports

Tamara Allen Santiago UNSPOKEN PLZ
Stephen Moore Annie remember Edna's mother Miss Till in your prayers. She is in Greenview hospital in bowling green.
Evangelist Craig Edelmann Yes, my children and grand children need prayer.
Shannon Walker Yes please remember me and my family and an unspoken request. Also my friend Nate as he battles cancer. Thank you so much!!

Tony Dingus Unspoken
Kathy A Cannon unspoken
Tina Nash that i can continue to lose weight
Darlene Hooper Plz remember my uncle that i keep dr put him in the hospital this afternoon
Darlene Hooper An unspoken
Kathy Smith Unspoken !!!!
Ann Jones For me I popped my knee out and I can barely get up on it, Pray for the pain also.

Our prayer requests/praise reports: Prayers for son-in-law to continue to do well with his state testing for CPA certification! Praise for the test he has already passed. Cousin needing to pass state nursing exams. Praise for answering prayers concerning Brian and Lexi Coursey who were in a car accident yesterday. Our mamas, Joe Ray & family, our brothers and sisters and their families, Kayla, Brittany, Corey, Baby Adelyn, Ashley, Dusty, Amy Jo, Tosha and her family, Shyla, John, Cairi, David & Christine & family, Dusty school, Annie school, our work and ministry and finances, Breaking the Chains webinar, Bucky's guitar lessons. Praise God for hearing and answering our prayers! In Jesus name, AMEN!!!!

August 7, 2013 Prayer Requests/Praise Reports

Wendell Crafton My Family Especially My Daughter.
Darlene Hooper My uncle is still in hospital with heart failure an infection in his blood
Lori Yell Holloway Have a major unspoken request......please and thanks ya much...
Nancy Williams Lewis My left sinus to become unclogged and the two terrible infections be killed with all this potent antiibotic I am snorting. Thanks. THere are so many sick and sad, I feel selfish asking for myself.
Tamara Allen Santiago unspoken plz
Tony Dingus Unspoken
Corey Sharp Unspoken please
Debbie Jarman West unspoken please
Edna Henderson Please continue to pray for my Mother, Mammie or as some know her Mrs. Till
Tina Nash traveling mercy to Virginia

Our prayer requests/praise reports: Kayla, Brittany, Corey, Baby Adelyn, Ashley, Dusty, Dusty friends & family, our mamas, Praise for mine and Dusty's good test scores!!!!, Shyla, John, Cairi, Joe Ray & family, our brothers and sisters and their families, Bucky's missing cell phone, our work and ministry, our finances, all addictions, Amy Jo, Mrs. Simmons and her family, Marcia Hadden & Brandon Prince

August 8 Prayer Requests/Praise Reports

Tamara Allen Santiago unspoken plz and thank you very much
Dianna Hester Thomas Unspoken
Amanda Johnson My back please. Its hurting bad today. Thanks
Corey Sharp Unspoken please
Tony Dingus Unspoken
Tina Nash a praise report we made it to Virginia safely
Darlene Hooper My uncle an unspoken
Susan McPhaill Brown REVIVAL...youth

Our mamas, Kayla, Brittany, Corey, Baby Adelyn, Ashley, Dusty, Nancy Lewis, Dusty's friends and families, Joe Ray & family, our brothers and sisters and their families, Tina Nash, Amy Jo, Tosha and her family, Shyla, John, Cairi, our work, our ministry, our finances, Dusty's school, Annie school, Mrs. Simmons, Mr. Marcum, Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Costellow, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Gilliam, all our neighbors, military and families, government and leaders, Bucky music opportunities, Mrs. Parrish, Eric and family, Glenn Bailey and family

August 9, 2013 Prayer Requests/Praise Reports

Pam Thompson Unspoken
Susan McPhaill Brown REVIVAL... youth
Edna Henderson Still remember Mammie please
Shannon Walker Unspoken request and remember my friend Nate. Thanks!!
Denise Turley Bratton High attendance sunday school for our church this sunday and revival from sunday night -Wednesday night.
Corey Sharp Unspoken please
Cindy White Menser Bazzy Praising God that my friend found out she is cancer free
Tony Dingus Unspoken
Dianna Hester Thomas Unspoken.
Tina Nash that i will stick to my diet and lose weight quick
S Darlene Gooch The family of Ken Smith.
Becky Kirtley several unspoken for my family plz
Debbie Jarman West unspoken please
Tina Nash unspoken please
Michelle Owen unspoken

Kayla, Brittany, Corey, Baby Adelyn, Ashley, Dusty, our mamas, Joe Ray & family, Dusty's friends and families, Mrs. Simmons, Mr. Marcum, Mrs. Jenkins, Mr. Johnson, Ms. Costellow, Bucky music opportunities, our ministry, our work, our finances, praise the Lord for work, praise the Lord for protecting Ashley, Amy Jo, Shyla, John, Baby Cairi, Mrs. Parrish

August 10 Prayer Requests/Praise Reports

Donna Hickman yes plz very sick and weak
Tina Nash my friend back in the hospital again her nameis christy
Tony Dingus Unspoken
Petula Graham DeBerry For me please I've done something to my back
Darlene Johnson Hey Sister,please keep us in prayer,as we are still feeling lead of the Spirit,to Pastor a Church in Alabama. Just want to be in HIS PERFECT WILL,ALSO,pray for our kids & grandkids+++ GOD BLESS+++
Evangelist Craig Edelmann Yes, my children and grandchildren please.
Pam Thompson Unspoken
Debbie Jarman West unspoken please

our mamas, Kayla, Brittany, Corey, Baby Adelyn, Ashley, Dusty, Dusty's friends and families, Shyla , John, Baby Cairi, Joe Ray & family, Helen and family, Peggy and family, neighbors, Amy Jo, Mrs. Simmons, Mr. Marcum, Mrs. Jenkins, Mr. Johnson, Ms. Costellow, Kammie, our ministry, our work, our finances, our military and families, our government, Aerial

August 11 Prayer Requests/Praise Reports

Corkey Mueller Davis For the Church 'universal' for a Holy Ghost revival!
Darlene Hooper My uncle an unspoken
Pam Thompson Unspoken
Sunny L Shoemake Yes a friend daughter is in ICU with her baby,
Bregetta Waggoner pray 4 my family we alot of sickness & troubles ty
Michelle Owen unspoken
Corey Sharp Unspoken please
Denise Turley Bratton Praise report, we had High Attendance S.S. this morning at Liberty Baptist in Auburn. Our goal was 185 in attendance for every year Liberty has been here. We had 192!!! To God be the Glory!!!
Evangelist Craig Edelmann Yes my children and grandchildren.
Tina Nash that this weight will start falling off of me
Lisa Fenstermacher that the weather is great for the concert this tuesday August 13. from 8 to 10pm. that someone would give their life to the Lord. thankyou so much for praying!!!!
Kimberly Long My husband goes back to work Tuesday after multiple surgeries praise God
Kathy Smith Unspoken !!!!
Betty Snyder David...brain cancer
Gene Bagby Pastor Ingram in Scottsboro, Alabama

Kayla, Brittany, Corey, Baby Adelyn, Ashley, Dusty, Dusty's friends and families, our mamas, Shyla, John, Baby Cairi, Mrs. Simmons, Mr. Marcum, Ms. Costellow, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Jenkins, gym teacher, Dusty school, football, band, library, guitar, Annie school, work, ministry, Bucky work, ministry, guitar, music opportunities, our finances, Helen and her family, Peggy and family, Joe Ray and family, Alisha and her test, Amy Jo and her family, Thad and Tina Drake and kids, Mrs. Parrish, Jim having surgery tomorrow, Ms. Till, Frank and Jane, Bro. Curley and family, Aerial, our military and families, our government, Peggy Smith and family, Candy and the twins

August 12 Prayer Requests/Praise Reports

Tamara Allen Santiago unspken plz and thank you
Corey Sharp Unspoken pleas

Tammy Michelle Chittenden My cousin Steve Hammonds & our family, my grandmother Jewell Chittenden & family, myself for sickness

Pam Heal I have several friends that need prayers. Also me.

Tony Dingus Unspoken

Melissa Vaughn Me and mines girl! Somehow someway ive got pharyngitis of thethroat n on lots of meds and hurt pretty bad! Thx

Edna Henderson I have a praise... Mammie home ... Had a scope today and biopsy.. Not worried cause God is in control, praise The Lord

Cassie Hewgley Remember me please

Michael Heltsley Remember my aunt mildred found out today she has got cancer she is 81 years old she is in bowling green hospital she can go at anytime but she is ready and pray for her daughter and son in law.they are really hurting

Kayla, Brittany, Corey, Baby Adelyn, Ashley, Dusty, our mamas, Shyla, John and Baby Cairi, Amy Jo, Bucky work and ministry and music opportunities, Joe Ray and family, Annie school, Dusty school and band and football and library, Mrs. Simmons, Mr. Marcum, Ms. Costellow, Mrs. Jenkins, Mr. Johnson, Coach Pyles, Shannon Sears, Tina Nash - Gannier, he may have cancer, Shawn Sinkhorn, Aerial, Tosha and her family, Lori and her family, our military and families, our government, Jim knee surgery, Ms. Till got to come home today but keep praying, Bucky headache, Mrs. Parrish 

August 14, 2013

Brenda Knight Pray for tabatha and family a safe trip back to MO. Missing them already.
Corey Sharp Unspoken an my uncle Jim he had knees surgery Monday

Edna Henderson Unspoken

Tamara Allen Santiago unspoken plz and thank you

Cassie Hewgley Remember me please

Evangelist Craig Edelmann Yes Elizabeth, my children and grandchildren.

Leslie Hampton Remember Isaiah he was in a wreck today he is in a lot of pain

Kayla, Brittany, Corey, Baby Adelyn, Ashley, Dusty, our mamas, Dusty's friends and their families, Lewisburg school staff and students, Amy Jo, Larry Taylor, Aerial, Pete Lehman and family, our brothers and sisters and families, Joe Ray & family, Peggy and family, Helen and her family, Dusty football, band, library, art wall, Bucky work, ministry, music opportunities, our military and families, our government

August 17, 2013

Gene Bagby my wife and the Canlers
Tamara Allen Santiago unspoken plz and thank you and for Joann Miller and her family
Melanie A. Flora Story JoAnn Miller.
Evangelist Craig Edelmann Yes, my children and grandchildren please.
Corey Sharp Unspoken please
Darlene Hooper Unspoken
Dee Willis unspoken, please
Edna Henderson Plz continue to remember Mammie
Michael Heltsley Remember bobby and fredia bennison. Tomorrow is when aunt mildred is to be lay to rest
Michelle Owen unspoken please
Debbie Jarman West Unspoken
Betty Snyder please pray for a young lady...keeps moving with her sons and moving in with lousy, user , men she meets..putting kids through pains..and putting herself and her wants before her childrens needs...pray for them...intervention and stop..and help...

Kayla, Brittany, Corey, Baby Adelyn, Ashley, Dusty, our mamas, Mrs. Simmons, Ms. Costellow, Mr. Marcum, Mrs. Jenkins, Mr. Johnson, gym teacher (Coach Piles), our mamas, Joe Ray & family, Peggy & family, Helen & family, David & Christine & family, Amy Jo, Larry Taylor, Dusty football, band, library, Bucky work, ministry, music, Annie work, school, ministry, Dusty's friends, Mrs. Parrish, our brothers and sisters & families, Aerial, Pete Lehman and family, Mr. Hildabrand

August 18, 2013

Corey Sharp Unspoken please
Veronica Johnson Unspoken!
Angela Woodward Rollings Please pray for His protection over Victoria as she has moved into her apartment. I have to say it makes me nervous for her to be living alone.
Jamie Law Gracious yes!! God is soooooo Awesome!!!!!
Lisa Fenstermacher Just want to thank you for praying for the concert on Tuesday. The storms held off just in time for us to squeeze a one hour and 10 minute set. They almost cancelled us but didn't when they saw how many showed up to pray and be there to listen. Thank you for your prayers!!!
Amanda M Fuqua My brother please. He has a lot of pain in his neck/ back and arm. He will be having surgery this month. And my best friend just arrived in Taiwan hours ago to meet her son for the first time!!!!
Shelley Cole-Viox Please pray for a friend of mine, his name is Thommy, I just found out that he has been in the hospital for 4 days now with pneumonia. He had surgery a couple of weeks ago and developed pneumonia in both lungs after. They had given him meds and the last I knew he was at home. Things most have gotten bad for them to admit him in the hospital. Looks like he will be there for a few more days.
Shelley Cole-Viox Pray for me.
Varnell Allen White Just keep remembering Shannon Sears family. A lovely family indeed.
Darlene Hooper Plz remember me I'm still fightin off this cold and i my uncle that i take care of is doin a lot better doin very good on his new medicines ! Wanna praise god for that an being with him while he was in the hospital
Edna Henderson Plz keep Mammie on your prayer list she is still not well
Tony Dingus Unspoken
Teresa Hunt Burns still in med center not much better
Larry Houchin my pastor 's wife daddy real sick

Kayla, Brittany, Corey, Baby Adelyn, Ashley, Dusty, our mamas, our brothers & sisters & families, Joe Ray & family, Dusty's friends and families, Amy Jo, Larry Taylor, woman on Lost City Rd. with cancer, Bucky work, ministry, music, Annie work, ministry, school, Dusty school, football, band, library, Mrs. Simmons, Ms. Costellow, Mr. Marcum, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Jenkins, Coach Piles, Aerial, Nancy Lewis, Laura Smith, Mrs. Gilliam

August 19, 2013

Kathy Smith Unspoken !!!
Lori Yell Holloway Praising GOD for his watching over my mom....please remember her durning this recovery period.THANKS
Pam Thompson Unspoken
Tony Dingus Unspoken
Carol Johnston Gough Elizabeth I have injured my knee somehow, it's quite painful and inflammed. Please, would you pray for my healing? Thanks! X
Edna Henderson Plz continue to rennet Mammie
Debbie Jarman West Unspoken
Teresa Hunt Burns still in med center got sick after solid food aaaahhhhhh
Corey Sharp Unspoken an i have a good friend who need a lot of prayer
Sarah Kay Brooks Shaw Remember JoAnn Miller. Still in Vandy.
Michelle Owen unspoken please
Evangelist Craig Edelmann Yes, my children and grandchildren please.
Alisha Thomas Boley I have an interview Wed morning so prayers that Lords will be done please!
Gene Bagby I have back pain, please pray for healing
Shyla Maire Stratton I pray ur first day went great. And u dont get discouraged. I need prayers for my health mental and physical.
Michael Heltsley Before aunt mildred died they said she was talking to angles. They asked her what are they saying she said they was asking jesus how much longer. And right before she went to sleep in the lord she sat up raised her hands toward heaven and started praiseing jesus.that is how she died was praiseing jesus
Pam Heal Unspoken.
Wendy DeVoe unspoken

Shannon Sears family, Kayla, Brittany, Corey, Baby Adelyn, Ashley, Dusty, Dusty's friends and families, our mamas, our brothers and sisters, Amy Jo, Larry Taylor, Marsha Fuller, Lewisburg school staff & students, Bucky work, ministry, music, Annie work, ministry, school, Dusty school, football, band, library, Aerial, Peggy & family, Helen & family, Joe Ray & family, our chickens

August 20, 2013

Corey Sharp Unspoken please
Tamara Allen Santiago unspoken plz and thank you
Edna Henderson Still asking prayer that Mammie get her strength and will back
Sharon Nett Decker special unspoken please.tks. sis Annie ... 
Pam Thompson Unspoken
Tony Dingus Unspoken
Debbie Jarman West Unspokrn
Melissa Vaughn Me and Mines
Peggy Carter Prayers for the Smith's family's my dad is bad off at the medical center in bowling green thanks so much
Sue Thomas Gaines Unspoken please and thank you in advance for your prayers.
Gene Bagby Edward Pardon and Pastor Ingram
Becky Kirtley unspoken for my family plz

Shannon Sears family, Kayla, Brittany, Corey, Baby Adelyn, Ashley, Dusty, Kammie, Dusty's friends and families, Lewisburg school staff & students, Bucky work, ministry, music, truck and tractor and mower, Annie work, ministry, school, Dusty school, football, band, library, our mamas, Joe Ray & family, aunts and uncles and their families, brothers and sisters and families, Darlene, Marsha Fuller, Paulette Hadden, Aerial, Amy Jo, Larry Taylor, 
abused and neglected children, families with missing children, our military and families, our government

August 21, 2013

Kayla, Brittany, Corey, Baby Adelyn, Ashley, Dusty allergies, our mamas, our brothers and sisters and families, Joe Ray and family, Peggy and family, Helen and family, Darlene, Dusty school, Amy Jo, Larry Taylor, Shannon Sears family, Leo Brooks, Leo & Misty Pratt and family, Coach Mark Brown and family, Marsha Fuller, Aerial, Shawn Sinkhorn family, Shawn Sattazahn, Bucky work, ministry, music, Annie work, school, ministry, missing children and abuse victims, our military and families, our government

August 22, 2013

Kayla, Brittany, Corey, Baby Adelyn, Ashley, Dusty allergies, our mamas, Dusty's friends and families, Shannon Sears family, Bud Ramsey and family, Joe Ray and family, our brothers and sisters and families, our aunts and uncles and families, Aerial, Amy Jo, Larry Taylor, Bucky work, ministry, music, Annie work, ministry, school, Dusty school, football, band, Darlene and family, LOST, SICK, and NEEDY, military and families, Janet Wright and family

August 23, 2013

Kayla, Brittany, Corey, Baby Adelyn, Ashley, Dusty, our mamas, Joe Ray and family, Bud Ramsey and family, Dusty's friends and families, Dusty school, football, band, library, Kim Doss, our brothers and families, Amy Jo, Larry Taylor, Bucky work, ministry, music, Annie work, ministry, school

August 24, 2013

our kids, Baby Adelyn, our mamas, Joe Ray and family, Dusty allergies, football, library, school, band, Lewisburg school staff and students, our brothers and sisters and families, Aerial, Amy Jo, our military, our government, Bucky work, ministry, music, Annie work, ministry, school, Dusty football coaches,Bud Ramsey family, Ricky and family

August 28, 2013

Dusty reading test, all our kids, Baby Adelyn, Dusty's friends and families, Dalton, Ricky and family, our mamas, Dakota, Lewisburg School staff and students, Amy Jo, Joe Ray and family, Peggy and Helen and families, Varnell, Kalik, John Buck,